• Samanvaya Bali Resort

  • Preps Breakfast & Lunch

  • Hotel Pastis

  • Jadico Herbs & Spices

  • ikwilmeerreizen.nl

Samanvaya Bali Resort



Preps Breakfast & Lunch

Preps is a brand new breakfast & lunch spot in the centre of Maastricht.
They’re mainly known for their coffee, cakes, healthy food, vegan food & more!
For over three months I worked in their kitchen, so I know the place very well.
Obviously, that was very helpful for the creative process.
I didn’t just take pictures or cook dishes. I used it all together.
Creating content for Preps and working there was a lot of fun and a great learning process!

Hotel Pastis

For their website renovation the owners of Hotel Pastis needed new pictures
of the cozy rooms & their cute and delicious breakfast.

Jadico Herbs & Spices

From October till December (2018) I worked for Jadico Wholesale Herbs & Spices three days a week.
On some days they gave me a specific assignment, but most days they let me decide
how to add a creative touch to the company.
I took care of their entire corporate identity and social media.



During my trip to Thailand I did a small collaboration with
the Dutch travel blog/shop “Ik wil meer reizen” (I wanna travel more).
I made some pictures of some of their travel essentials, such as a backpack,
a compass bracelet and a tiny wallet.

This is their website: https://ikwilmeerreizen.nl/